As an advertiser, tracking implementation will be done during the integration process when brought on to the network. However if you are ever unsure of what needs to be implemented, a copy of our standard tracking code can be located in your account. Once logged in, go to the final tab at the top of the page and see Tracking Code in the drop-down list.

You can also download a copy of our Tracking Manual from the Support tab.

Our standard tracking code needs to be implemented within the 'Order Confirmation' page of your site. Within this code, make sure the merchant ID is correct for your account, and change the OrderValue and OrderRef variables so that they populate upon conversion.

Scroll down on the page for further information on replacing specific variables within the code to allow for additional tracking functionalities. These include Payout Codes, Product Level Tracking, and Voucher Level Tracking.

If you are using Google Tag Manager or Server2Server (postback URL) tracking, please contact our Support Team for additional instruction on this.

If you are making any changes to your Affiliate Future coding, please reach out to our Support Team so we can help guide on the changes, and run some tests once the changes have been made.