Use your Communications Centre tab to contact your publishers.

Send a New Message to a specific publisher

Within your advertiser interface, you can send a specific publisher a direct message.

Under the Communications (envelope) tab, click on the New Message option.

Select which publisher you wish to contact and write a Subject and your Message, and click Send.

When the publisher replies, you can see the message in your account Inbox.

Send a Newsletter

The Send a Newsletter feature gives you the opportunity to compose a newsletter to all publishers already subscribed to your programmes. It's key to keep publishers updated on any changes to your programmes, such as changes in commission, any new banners and vouchers you have added, as well as site promotions and offers, and more.

Once approved by the Support Team, the newsletter will be sent directly to your publishers.

You can choose to either send the newsletter to all of your publishers, publishers subscribed to a particular programme or to publishers in groups you have created.

You also have the ablility to insert a Tracking Link, Publisher Name, and Programme Link into Welcome Emails and Newsletters.

To add tracking links to your newsletters sent to publishers, use {$Tracking_Link}. This will make it nice and easy for publishers to check their links for promoting your programme, allowing them to include deeplinks directly to your products quickly.

To provide a 'deeplink' directly to a specific page, just use {$Tracking_Link}, replacing the URL with your own. 

Make sure you include "http://" or "https://", and please do not hyperlink any tracking links or deeplinks.

Add a News Article

News Articles are posted to all publishers on the network, whether they are signed up to you or not. This makes them a good way to promote your programme and get new publishers signed up. Once articles are approved by the Support Team, they will appear within the publisher interface.

Please note that these do not get sent directly to publishers, unlike Newsletters.

Welcome Emails

Welcome Emails are automatically sent out to publishers when they sign-up to your programme. Each programme requires a different Welcome Email.

We typically advise these to include a brief company description, the Offer Text and CPA/CPL rate for this programme, your PPC Policy, and a contact email. Feel free to include any other key promotional information, such as average order value, conversion rate, etc.

Make sure you keep these up-to-date and correct in accordance to the current set-up of your programme and any changes to commission you make.

*Please note we cannot give out publisher contact details without permission. If you still have problems contacting publishers, please let us know.*