Some of the programmes on Affiliate Future operate on a "Second-Level" commission basis, where £0.01 is awarded for the initial tracked sale, and the remaining commission will be added as a 'second level' payment once the transaction has been validated and approved by the advertiser. These advertisers mainly operate in travel and insurance industries, which offer a "cooling off" periods to new customers, should a new customer wish to cancel a contract or return goods. This period should be specified by an advertiser in their programme terms, but if you are unsure you can raise a ticket.

There are reports in the Affiliate Future interface where you can monitor the status of your sales that operate on second levels.

Within your reporting tab, Second Level Sales Summary is an easy way for you to gain an overview to which of your advertisers are operating on second levels.

This will also show you a summary of how many second level sales are pending, approved or declined.


Please be aware that 2nd Level payments do not appear in the other affiliate reports, for example Commission Analysis, Cancellation Report and Overview Report, although 2nd Level payments can be seen in the Detailed Transaction Report available for download in Export Reports.