*Please note this is only for advertisers who are set up on Second Level tracking.*

It is essential to remember to validate your second level transactions in a timely manner to ensure that your publishers are getting paid their commission as soon as possible. This can help to reassure publishers that their commission will be validated in a good time and that they can receive their owed earnings. 

Please ensure that any transactions that need declining are done so within the set validations period for your account. This period will have been agreed upon and set-up previously, however if you are unsure of your auto-approve period or wish to change it, please contact the Support Team. Any transactions that are not approved within this period will be automatically approved and the commission will be upgraded.

To do this, log in to your advertiser interface and go to the reporting tab, and click Second Level Sales Admin.  Select which programmes and the date range in which you wish to search the transactions for, or if you know your specific order references you can search this way. Tick the box/s under the Process Column and select either “Upgrade Selected” or “Decline Selected”. If upgraded, the full commission amount will then be paid out to the publisher. If you are declining, you will be prompted for a reason so that the publisher can be notified why they are not receiving the commission (e.g. order cancelled).

Validations can also be done in bulk through Second Level Bulk Process.

For any support with second level transactions, please contact your account manager, or raise a ticket.