The Check Publisher tool enables you to check publishers that are subscribed to your programmes, and reject them if you wish.

Once you are logged into your advertiser dashboard, click on Publishers and go to Check Publishers.

On this page, you can choose which publisher type and programme name you wish to run the report for, and filter by various subcategories.

By selecting Programme Name, you are able to view publishers who are signed up to a specific programme, or you can select ALL Programmes for a list of all publishers signed up to at least one of your programmes.

If you wish to analyse publishers by their type, in Publisher Type menu you can drill down by 9 publisher categories and 29 publishers subcategories.

Filter By gives an advertiser a chance to download reports of publishers joined by date, by publisher name or ID, by group name or not generated a click in a month, year or at all.
You can easily see which publishers haven’t generated a click in the last month, year or all time (never generated a click).

After running a report, the selected publishers will be listed on the page. You have the option to Reject publishers from your programme under the Action column. The publisher will hen be notified that they have been rejected from the programme, and will no longer be able to access the links for your programme. If they continue to use their old link, they will not be awarded the commission for their sale. After a publisher has been rejected, an option to Approve them will show, where you can re-join the publisher to your programme.

We do ask that if you have any issues with a particular publisher, it's best to get in touch with our team so we can help out.

Additionally within this page, there is a Tracking Link column, which shows the unique tracking link each publisher will use to promote your programme.