Working alongside voucher publishers could be a beneficial way to boost your programmes performance and increase sales.

What's one thing consumers love? Getting a discount!

Having partnerships with voucher code publishers within your marketing strategy is an effective approach for many reasons. 

You can trust that the consumer will be more inclined to shop with you in the future, knowing they can save money, which in the long term creates a loyalty between you and your customer; a sense of trust.

 In many cases, a coupon or voucher is the driving force that will ensure a sale is completed, so it is important that they are used to their full potential. For example, they could be used to encourage faster purchases with the use of time limits. 

Voucher codes are created by you, the advertiser, meaning the terms are decided entirely by you and the type of promotion too, therefore the type of voucher offer you want to promote is up to you, giving you leeway.

As an advertiser, you should be seeing voucher site publishers as an opportunity to build your customer base, as it may stimulate purchases from customers who otherwise may not have bought from your site, and encourages brand-loyal customers to test out the competition (you!). It’s important to have an understanding of what type of coupons and vouchers your competition are using, as if your coupons don’t match up or provide a competitive discount, you may not receive the results you’re looking for.  And, the likelihood is, your top competitors will be on these voucher sites!

What are some of the key benefits of voucher site publishers?:

- 94% of potential customers search for coupons and vouchers prior to making a purchase and visiting the retailer site.

- 96% of consumers have used a voucher code in the past 90 days.  

- The more opportunities your affiliate programme provides, the more opportunity there may be for publishers to promote your site

- Match up against your competition, driving a new stream of customers, as well as existing customer retention

- You will be able to gain data regarding the new traffic sources to your site

Overall, working alongside a voucher site publisher can boost your programme and ensure that your campaign is successful. Having a voucher is attractive to customers, and if you build your brand and start gaining customer loyalty, you will see a positive prominence in your company within the market.

For extra information on the benefits of partnering with a voucher publisher, take a look at our blog post: