The Publisher Discovery platform is based on an advanced AI / Machine learning engine, containing analysis of over 300 affiliate networks, many thousands of online advertisers and millions of affiliate websites in all active markets globally. 

As an Affiliate Future advertiser, you receive exciting publisher recruitment tool free of charge, and integrated within your account.

As an Affiliate Future advertiser your free plan includes access to the "My Affiliates" tool within Publisher Discovery. "My Affiliates" crawls through all affiliates sites on the network, and matches them to you based on site relevance, and the value the affiliates drive. You can easily play around with these filters using the sliding scales, as well as hide/favourite any specific publishers. What's more (as it is a recruitment tool after all!), you can invite these affiliates straight to your programme through the integrated Invite button. Simply click on the affiliate, where you can then view their site as well as other details such as social media pages (where available), and if you're interested in them joining your programme just click "Invite". You'll be presented with a customisable template, and after hitting Send, the affiliate will receive a message inviting them to your programme.

As additional upgrades (at a discounted rate as an Affiliate Future advertiser), you can also have access to Publisher Discovery's Competitor Analysis, "My Vertical" review, and GAP Analysis Reporting features.

My Competitors will monitor your competitors on other networks, whilst also ranking their publishers based on the relevance and value they’ll provide you. 

Publisher Discovery - My Competitors enables advertisers to;


  • See which publishers your top 3 competitors are working with across all networks.
  • The ability to swap in 1 new competitor per month.
  • Pull additional affiliate contact info including email address and social links.
  • Filter by specific events such as Black Friday, January Sales and the Grand National. This filter allows you to see recommended publishers for a specific event.
  • See the countries each affiliate is strongest in.
  • Produce a GAP analysis against a competitor’s publishers, showing which ones they use and you don’t.
  • See every URL a publisher owns, even if they haven’t listed it in their profile.
  • Automatic classification of an publisher’s promotional type using our AI technology.

Currently, full Publisher Discovery access includes:

  • Over three million publisher websites using affiliate links
  • Over 2.7 billion links, which refer visitors to...
  • Over 460,000 advertiser programs

The data is generated independently of affiliate networks' own data using backlink analysis tools and processes. This is supplemented by additional data to display a Traffic Score and social and email links discovered; the machine learning delivers a Relevance Score to show the most relevant potential partners.

This enables users to check the websites showing within their own affiliate programs - as well as discovering which affiliate sites are linking to competitors. Checking the GAP Report gives an immediate and actionable list of target publishers to check and recruit.

The entire platform and the tools are driven by advanced AI and Machine Learning, based on patented processes.

See more in this short video: 

To learn more about Publisher Discovery, including questions about the upgrade features, please let us know and we're happy to put you in touch with the PD Team - Raise a Ticket.