Within your programmes, you are able to structure your commission rates based on the products purchased within a transaction by setting up payout codes.

How to set up Payout Codes?

Payout codes do require a bit of additional tracking to be set up within your existing Affiliate Future tracking code. Please get in touch with our team for guidance on this.

Once set up, it's as easy as adding the ‘payout code’ to the specific programme, and assigning the new commission amount to it.  

For example, if you would like to offer a base commission rate for your programme as 10%, but would like to pay out 15% commission on all Chair products, we'd set up something like this (once the tracking has been set up!):

You can add a brief description for the code, add the new commission amount next to commission percentage or commission amount. As with all our commission structuring options, payout codes can be scheduled to take effect only in a specific time range.

If you have multiple payout codes set up, e.g. 15% for chairs, but 20% commission for tables, simply add into your programme.


We can also use payout codes to set up different commission rates for New/Existing customers, as well as a few other features.

For guidance on setting up payout codes, please get in touch.

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