Our main method of advertiser tracking is via 1st Party Cookie. This changed from tracking on 3rd Party Cookies a few years back, when browsers and IOS updates resulted in potential blocks to 3rd party cookies. The main way you can check if you are tracking on via 1st Party Cookie is you will have our 'container tag' in place on all of your site pages. This sets the cookie.

Additionally, the longer piece of tracking script in your order confirmation page will show "V5" (this is our latest version of our tracking script).

If you are ever unsure, feel free to Raise a Ticket and get in touch with our team.

We do also have another tracking method; Server to Server, which is a cookie-less tracking method. This is actually the most reliable method of tracking due to not being reliant on cookies, and where possible we do encourage advertisers to implenent this way. This tracking method requires the advertiser to make a request to a URL when a user makes a sale. Tracking via Server to Server also means the advertiser will not need to modify their confirmation page.

If you would like to learn more about implementing tracking via Server to Server, please get in touch.