A Publisher, also known as an Affiliate, promotes the Advertiser (or 'Merchant')’s affiliate programme in exchange for a commission amount for sales generated via their referral. 

In some cases, affiliate programmes can work on a cost per click or lead model (CPC / CPL), however the most common, particularly with Affiliate Future programmes, is on a CPA model (cost per action). In other words, a commission per sale.

Publishers come under various categories, depending on the way in which they generate traffic and sales for the Advertiser's site, such as Incentive publishers (typically cashback and voucher sites), Non-Incentive (such as blog sites and review sites), CSS (Comparison Shopping Service) partners, Conversion & Retargeting publishers, and many more.

When registering to become a Publisher with Affiliate Future, you will be asked to select your Publisher type from a list of options.

You can register to become a Publisher with us for free here: https://affiliatefuture.com/register/publishers