Great to hear that you've signed up as a Publisher with us.

Now that you're approved onto our network, you have access to our hundreds of advertiser affiliate programmes available to join and earn commission through.

Simply log in to your account, and visit our Advertiser Directory. You can filter by advertiser name, sector, feed available, and more. Once you have found a programme you'd like to join, simply click on to it, and Apply!

Some programmes will require you approval from the advertiser before you can join the programme, but you'll be sent a Welcome Email once you are successfully joined on to the programme.

The Welcome Email will also include your unique tracking link to add to your site to promote the advertiser.

If a user who clicks through your tracking link goes on to make a purchase from the advertiser within the 30 day cookie period, you'll see the sale tracked through in your account, and the commission will be visible on your balance.