Within your publisher interface you have access to our Deeplink Generator tool, which allows you to easily create deeplinks (i.e. tracking links to a specific product page). 

Another tool available for you to generate quick and easy Deeplinks through is our Chrome Extension. The extension also allows you to quickly obtain any live voucher and offer details for your advertisers. 

You can download our extension on the Chrome Store here.

Once downloaded, log in using your Affiliate Future login credentials.

Visit the website of the advertiser you are looking to create a deeplink to (or view the available offers of), and open up the extension. You should see the description overview of the advertiser, how many offers they have available (click on to this to view the offers), and a Deep Link Generator button.

If you are not yet joined to the advertiser's affiliate programme, a link will be displayed where you can click through to apply to the programme first.

Within the Deep Link Builder;

  • Choose whether you would like the link with HTML coding or as a pure URL, and then if you would like the link to open in the users current browser window, or a new window.
  • *Optional* Link Text - Enter the text you would like to appear as the "anchor text" within the HTML link.
  • *Optional* Tracking Reference - here you can add a tracking reference within the link.
  • Deep Link URL - This should automatically populate with the URL of the product page you are currently on. This will be the landing page that the user is taken to after clicking through your deep link.
  • Click "Create Deep Link" and your deep link will be generated for you to copy.
  • You can also shorten the URL by clicking on the "Shorten URL" button.

This link will now contain your unique tracking parameters, so clicks and sales can be tracked back to you, whilst automatically redirecting to your desired landing page.


For further details, view our blog post: https://blog.affiliatefuture.co.uk/chrome-extension-tool/ , or for any queries please Raise a Ticket.