Newsletters and News Articles are both great ways to stay in touch with your publishers, and inform them of any updates, offers, and key information.

News Articles will post on the account interface of all publishers on the network, whether they are joined to your programme or not. This makes them a good way to promote your programme and offers that publishers can benefit from.

Newsletters are much more direct, as they are emailed to all publishers that are signed up to your programme. This makes them a good way to send out programme updates, new offers, vouchers and sales you are running, as well as any other key information you feel beneficial for your publishers to receive.

 You can choose to send a newsletter to all of your publishers, or filter depending on publisher type, which programme they are signed up to, or if you have organised them into groups.

When drafting the body, you can also take advantage of a few shortcuts available to use:

  1. Use {$Tracking_Link} to add the publisher’s tracking link when the newsletter is sent. Please do not use {$Tracking_Link} within a hyperlink, only use it with plain text.
  2. To create a deeplink to a specific product page, please add the URL straight after {$Tracking_Link} (ie {$Tracking_Link}
  3. Use {$Programme_Link} to add the Advertiser's Programme link when the newsletter is sent.
  4. Use {$Publisher_Name} to add the publisher name when the news letter is sent.
  5. If you have vouchers/offers added in your Voucher Manager, you can click the "VC" button to populate the data from your current offers and vouchers.

Both newsletters and news articles will be checked and approved by our Support Team before they are sent out.