To set up a voucher code, please log in to your account interface, and within the Programmes tab you should see Voucher Manager. Select 'Add Voucher', and enter the voucher details. Be sure to include the voucher name, start date and end date, a description and any terms and conditions. Please select if you are running an Offer or a Voucher, and add the relevant voucher code if necessary.

You can make your voucher exclusive to an individual publisher by ticking "Make this voucher exclusive to one publisher" box and then selecting a publisher from the drop down menu. Only this publisher will be able to see the exclusive voucher code in their interface.

To let publishers know you have added a new offer or voucher, it's good practice to send out a message or newsletter to your publishers. 

*Additional Feature*

If you have Voucher Level Tracking implemented, you can also utilise the "Exclusive Voucher Code" feature to prevent any code leakage, and protect your publisher. So, if you have the tracking set up, you can set the code as "Exclusive" to the specific publisher within your Voucher Manager, and if another publisher makes a sale with this exclusive voucher code, then the exclusive publisher will still receive the commission.  

To set this up –

  • Ensure you have ‘Voucher Level Tracking’, if you are unsure, or would like guidance on how to implement, please contact
  • Once you have voucher level tracking set up, go to Voucher Manager and ‘Add Voucher’.
  • Create your exclusive voucher, and tick the box that reads "Make this voucher code exclusive to one publisher".
  • Choose the publisher, and then choose which programme you would like to use for the commission amounts.

Whilst this voucher is live, the publisher who this code is exclusive for will receive all commissions for sales made within the affiliate channel that have used this code.