To ensure publishers know about your latest and current offers please be sure to use the Voucher Manger in your account. From here you will then be able to add any vouchers/offers or codes and set any terms or conditions, expiry date and description of the offer. Once you have set the vouchers in this section, publishers can navigate in their account to find these and then actively promote them.

Adding vouchers and offers to your voucher manager also means they are included within our Voucher API, which many publishers use to import latest vouchers available.

If you need guidance on adding vouchers to your voucher manager, view here.

Secondly, another great way to let publishers know about your offers is by sending newsletters. Here, you can bulk send information about any programme updates, current offers or voucher codes, sales, and so on. Newsletters are emailed to all publishers who are signed up to your programme/s, and you can select whether to "send now" or schedule for a specific send date.

Additionally, if you have vouchers and offers uploaded within your voucher manager, you can use the "VC" button when drafting your newsletter to quickly pull through vouchers you have uploaded - a quick and easy time saving tool that also then provides consistency to publishers when receiving vouchers, as the format is always the same.

Please be sure to include expiry date and any terms and conditions when sending out details of your codes and offers.

For additional guidance on sending newsletters, view here.